I Know HIV
knowing someone means learning something
knowing someone means learning something

Brryan was born on February 24, 1991 in Missouri. Brryan is quite a guy. Brryan is one of the most caring and passionate guys you will ever meet. You may never know if he is joking or being serious, but he has a huge heart and makes a big difference where ever he goes. Girls have a hard time resisting his charm and dimples. Brryan hopes one day to become president of the USA.

Brryan has been HIV positive since he was very young. Brryan has made a positive out of being positive. He uses his story to advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS, especially children, by visiting congress members, telling his story to high school students, and documenting his story in an educational book and DVD. When others are nervous about ‘going there”, Brryan boldly goes there! His very honest story is meant to motivate others to be safe and have more compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Brryan summarizes his story with the following words, “Thank you for listening to my story. One last thing I want you to remember is my hope is vital and my life depends on you. HIV now stands for Hope Is Vital. And in the words of AC/DC, ‘for those of you about to rock, I salute you!’”

Q&A with Brryan

Q: What are some challenges or differences in your life because of HIV/AIDS?
A: There are two main difficulties that I have had to face in my life; 1) physical and 2) mental challenges. In the beginning most of the difficulties I experienced were just the physical symptoms of the disease and the medicine. I would get so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I had terrible side effects from the meds as well. Now, the difficulties have changed and they are more mental. Like, the way people treat you, the way society is, feeling bad because I have to take meds when no one else does, having people tell you that you can’t do things other kids my age do like play football. It’s not only the kids, it’s the parents. I have parents that won’t let me spend time with their kids because I have HIV. That is discrimination.

Q: If you could wish for anything in the world, what is your wish for 2009?
A: My wish for ‘09 is for 3 more wishes (Brryan: Can I do that? Response: Yes, you can, it’s your wish, lol). Ok, then I wish for 3 more wishes…. 1) get my own organization “Hope Is Vital” started, 2) get out and do more education and teach the importance of HOPE and stop discrimination and 3) get lots of money for Camp Kindle.

Brryan’s Poem


I wish the world
would awake,
to learn and educate.
and not sit around
like people eating cake.
I wish you would awake
…..any day now.

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